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The Albida Agriculture Bamboo project aims to produce bamboo charcoal to compete with wood in the wholesale charcoal market as a profitable, practical and sustainable long term solution to urban expansion, deforestation and Zambia’s growing energy needs.  

By consolidating, distributing and storing production, Albida Agriculture Ltd. can take advantage of the seasonal price peaks in the wholesale charcoal market and distribution inefficiencies, to achieve a profitable trading margin.  Currently the project has completed a pilot phase engaging 85 smallholders on 25 hectares with soya intercropping; eventually larger scale commercial production will be added.

This model leverages regional knowledge and experience. Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi and Zimbabwe, all have dynamic people engaged in making the bamboo economy happen. Most notably there is now a well-established bamboo nursery in Malawi. 

Our Bamboo Project: About
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