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Albida Agriculture Ltd

Albida Agriculture Ltd started its journey in microbials in 2006. Our company has steadily developed into the present, well established market leader in biological inputs for crop production and protection in Zambia.

We work closely with several world class companies that have carefully honed their microbe specializations. Bacteria, viruses, fungi and insects are all now well recognized for their strategic roles both in the rhizosphere and phyllosphere. 

There is now an exciting, enthusiastic transition into microbials, as conventional agricultural crop protection chemistry comes under increasing legal and environmental scrutiny - and is withdrawn, opening up opportunities for useful, modern microbe practices in agriculture.

Albida Agriculture plays a significant role in assisting farmers and consumers.  This accumulating information stimulates them, and the emerging knowledge also offers the potential for fascinating study of microbiology for other students.

We are a small but dedicated team, driven by curiosity and wonder. Come! Join us on our journey, into a world of happy, healthy, hearty crops!

Tiyende Pamodzi Na Mutima Umozi

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