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Bacteria from Rhizobia genus, when associated with legume plants, are able to take nitrogen from the air and convert it into a form available to plants – this process is called Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF). The association between the host plant and the bacteria is very specific, therefore there is a specific rhizobia strain for

each particular legume crop.

The correct use of specific high-quality Rhizobial inoculants enables the association between the legume plant and the strains contained in the inoculant. Inoculation technology is one of the most important practices in legume crops because it provides high amounts of nitrogen to the plants in a very efficient,

low cost and environmentally friendly way.

Albida Agriculture are proud to be distribution agents for Lallemand Plant Care who own the Lage y Cia range of legume inoculants, manufactured in Uruguay. Lage y Cia have been producing world class inoculants for over 50 years and their experience, professionalism and high-quality focus have resulted in LIKUIQ legume inoculants being among the leading inoculant product, not only in Zambia, but across the globe.

When inoculating, it is very important to achieve very high numbers of bacteria per seed in order to have better nodulation. There is a direct correlation between the number of bacteria per seed and the number and quality of the nodulation. The earlier the nodules are formed, the sooner they start to supply nitrogen to the plant. It is best to achieve a high mass of nodules per plant, with a high proportion of them being located in the upper part of the tap root so that the Biological Nitrogen Fixation process can reach its full potential.

Some LIKUIQ inoculants come with a BIO-PROTECTOR – this is a specific substance that is mixed and applied onto the seed together with the Bradyrhizobia. The BIO-PROTECTOR feeds the bacteria once mixed together, thus increasing their life span on the seed, especially when planted into harsh conditions. This ensures that you have a very high concentration of living bacteria on the seed which leads to better nodulation and

Biological Nitrogen Fixation.

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Specific Bradyrhizobia inoculant for soybeans also containing BIO-PROTECTOR.

This is formulated with a combination of two elite strains which develop early and have excellent nodulation, increasing the yield potential of the crops.

LIKUIQ inoculant has an increased concentration of Bradyrhizobia - this concentration of over 4 x 10(9) Colony Forming Units/millilitre or product delivers more bacteria per seed, favouring very good nodulation and nitrogen fixation, even in difficult growing conditions. Coupled with the BIO-PROTECTOR this inoculant has had consistently good results in Zambia.



Specific Bradyrhizobia inoculant for groundnuts with very good results in Zambia and around the world.

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