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Ensure your yields by applying optimum nutrients to your crop with our crop specific foliar nutrient range:


Foliar fertilizer rich in in nutritional elements from different specific fractions of selected yeast strains, plus natural and purified glycine betaine. Used to boost the crop at important times, as well as help promote the plant’s ability to deal with, and recover from, biotic and abiotic stress events. Glycine betaine has a four week persistent action in the plant, thus helping the crop ride out stress events in this time, resulting in a healthier and more resilient crop.



V12 Initiate is specially formulated for use during the crop’s germination and initial crop growth phases.
· Assists with development of a well functioning nutrient transport system.
· Supplements levels of key micronutrients which may be ‘locked-up’ within the soil.
· Alleviates the impact of micro-nutrient deficiencies on early growth, thereby optimising ultimate yield potential.
· Results in stronger, healthier seedlings that are better able to tolerate stress conditions.
· Synergistic with EcoT for enhanced root development and health.
· Sets a platform for the crop to achieve optimum yield.



V12 Multi is an all-in-one vitality package incorporating a full spectrum of inorganic, amino acid chelated nutritional elements.


· Insurance against a wide range of potential deficiencies and limiting growth factors - prevention is better than cure.

· Improved tolerance to, and recovery from, stress.

· Optimised plant health and production capacity leading to healthy, vigorous growth.

V12 Multi is a versatile plant tonic designed for use on a wide range of crops. Intended for application as a plant tonic in stress situations, or during critical growth stages when nutrient demand is high. Apply as a foliar spray as and when necessary, or as part of an Integrated Fertilizer Management program.

V12 Multi.JPG


V12 Micro contains a broad spectrum of amino chelated micro elements, designed for combating a range of potential nutrient deficiencies.


  • When applied as part of an Integrated Fertiliser Management program, an insurance against a range of potential micronutrient deficiencies - prevention is better than cure.

  • When applied as a recovery tonic, fast and effective management of unidentified deficiency symptoms. Faster action leads to faster recovery.

V12 Micro is designed for micronutrient deficiency prevention and management, on a wide range of crops. Apply as a foliar spray as and when deficiency symptoms are first noticed, or as part of a well-designed nutrient supplementation program.

V12 Micro.JPG


V12 Shoot is a unique blend of specific minerals, amino acids, vitamins and natural plant growth stimulants (e.g. kelp and Triacontanol), to be used in the vegetative growth phase of crops.


· Improved chlorophyll production and photosynthesis, optimising production capacity and vegetative growth.

· Improved tolerance to stress conditions.

· Protection against the oxidative damage of free radicles generated during photosynthesis.

· Indirectly, fertiliser efficiency is improved as a well functioning crop better absorbs and utilises applied fertiliser efficiently.

· Optimises the vegetative growth phase, giving the crop a greater chance of achieving its full genetic potential.

V12 Shoot is versatile and can be used on a variety of crops applied as a foliar spray or through drip irrigation.

V12 Shoot.JPG


AgriSil K50 is a specially formulated Potassium Silicate designed to supply high levels of plant available Silica for the nutritional support of plant immunity and stress tolerance.

Why use AgriSil K50?

  • A highly concentrated, highly soluble liquid formulation potassium silicate designed for agricultural use.

  • Silica is a key element in plant defence systems and is required for optimum plant function – unfortunately plant available silica is deficient in 70% of Southern Africa’s soils.

  • Improve resistance to pests and diseases by supporting the plants natural immune system.

  • Enhance the efficacy of pest and disease control products, potentially allowing for a reduction in the frequency of chemical applications.

  • Improve tolerance to abiotic stresses i.e. frost and drought.

  • Improve general plant heath and produce quality.

  • Non-toxic and residue free.

  • Silica supplementation has numerous benefits in supporting plant immunity and stress tolerance.

  • A cost-effective tool recommended to support any sustainable pest and disease control program.

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