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A new-age biological fertiliser

Albida Biofert is a new-age fertiliser manufactured with specifically-selected ingredients to produce a fertiliser that is beneficial for the plant, the soil, the farmer and the environment in general.

Albida Biofert contains macronutrients, essential trace elements, high organic matter and carbon, agricultural lime, specific plant beneficial microbes and other biological soil enhancers, in a tried and tested granulated mix.

Our product provides the plant with the essential foundation and growth requirements for a high yielding plant, while stimulating, building and promoting the soil's health.

Our Biofert can be used as a basal fertiliser at planting, as well as a top dressing after emergence - on all crops, gardens and orchards.

It is very proudly Zambian, with the vast majority of the ingredients sourced directly from Zambian farmers and local enterprises. 

Albida's Biofert: About
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